Is there anything of value that young people can teach older generations?

Old age indeed comes with wisdom and respect, which is why young people are expected to humble themselves under the older generation.

However, young people also have a lot to teach the old, especially since we live in a world that has developed beyond the wildest imagination of the older generation. It, therefore, becomes two-way traffic where each generation coexists to help each other. That said, here are some of the lessons that the old can learn from the young:

Use of technology

Technology has become part and parcel of our daily lives. It allows us to communicate with each other and has also been incorporated in production processes. Anyone who doesn’t understand how to capitalize on its benefits is left out. Sadly, the older generation is often clueless when it comes to the use of simple gadgets like smartphones. Most don’t even understand how to operate a computer system and perform operations like sending and receiving emails. However, the young are almost gurus when it comes to the use of any technology. This makes young people the best group to help the older generation get used to technology.

Appreciating life

Young people love life in all its glory. This is why they will take every paramountessays little opportunity they get to have fun and make merry. Most will go on road trips, visit parks, go clubbing, or just consider a sleepover at a friend’s place. Most understand that life is short, which is why they have created the YOLO movement – You Only Live Once. Therefore, older people could appreciate the beauty of life by watching how the young live their lives. This will help them appreciate their friendships and marriages more by setting aside more time for people who mean the world to them. Ultimately, better friendships translate https://users.drew.edu/~sjamieso/Summary.html to better lifestyles.


The young are always open-minded: They expect anything out of life. While they don’t understand what life has in store for them, they are always hopeful for the best. They are also always curious to learn and increase their knowledge about issues that dissertation services are of interest to them. Their quest for new and more skills will see them enroll for short causes as they seek to be professionals in their fields. To them, the sky is always the limit, and every new opportunity is worth being tried. This is contrary to the older generation, mostly consists of men and women who have given up in life. The old, at times, feel like they have reached their dead end and have no other reason to try work any harder. Such a mindset leads to their eternal stagnation unless they make a turn-around.

There is a lot more that can be learnt from the young. Some of these lessons are acquired just through observation: Observing how the young react in different situations and how they interact with different elements in their lives. So you should endeavor to pick all the good attributes even as you correct them whenever they exhibit some shady characters. It is a give and take scenario.